I Hate Frasier Crane
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 7 October 1993
Written by Christopher Lloyd
Directed by David Lee
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Dinner At Eight
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I Hate Frasier Crane is the fourth episode from the first season of American sitcom Frasier.

Cast and charactersEdit

Plot outlineEdit

At dinner, Niles mentions how Derek Mann (Joe Mantegna), a columnist, stated "I hate Frasier Crane" in the day's paper. Frasier, angered by the lack of explanation, insults the columnist on his show the following day. Derek Mann calls into the show, challenging Frasier to a fist fight, and Frasier accepts upon pressure from other callers.

Martin commends Frasier for accepting a physical fight, but Frasier, surprised, explains that he has no intention of keeping this promise. Martin is indignant, and brings up a similar situation in Frasier's childhood where he refused to make good on his promise to face a bully.

On the day of the challenge, Frasier and the rest of the family gather at Cafe Nervosa, with intentions of facing Derek Mann. However, when Frasier leave the cafe to face Mann, the police arrive to break up the fight (along with the curious crowd that has gathered). Martin thanks the police officer, revealing that he had called in a favor to protect his son.

Cultural & Historical ReferencesEdit

  • Niles mentions that he wants to save the article on Margaret Thatcher's "secret for growing prize-winning zinnias." Zinnias are a colorful flowers that primarily grow in Mexico.
  • While delivering a sarcastic acknowledgement of columnist Derek Mann's editorial talents, Frasier sarcastically compares him to Voltaire and H.L. Mencken, both of whom were figures known for delivering witty critiques of their day.
  • While observing the large crowd that has gathered to see him fist-fight Derek Mann, Frasier sarcastically remarks "all that's missing is a mariachi band." Mariachis are professional Mexican entertainers that do paid gigs in the mainstream entertainment industry.
  • First reference to the Weeping Lotus murder, which also appeared in Season 2's "Retirement is Murder."

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