She's The Boss
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date 19 September 1995
Written by Chuck Ranberg & Anne Flett-Giordano
Directed by Philip Charles MacKenzie
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Dark Victory
Shrink Rap
There is a new station manager at KACL, and it's a woman called Kate Costas (Mercedes Ruehl). She has a reputation for being a fearsome perfectionist, and everyone at her last radio station was afraid of her. She quickly instils a similar atmosphere at KACL (even Bulldog is scared), although Frasier is not prepared to be intimidated. Therefore, when she instructs him to change his show in various sensationalist ways (such as themed shows and giving priority to “juicier calls”), he flatly refuses to co-operate, reasoning that she cannot fire one of the station's highest-rated hosts. His show is promptly moved to the graveyard shift, spoiling his sleep patterns and making Roz bitterly resentful, but Frasier still refuses to back down. Eventually, the two of them devise a plan whereby they believe they can both obey and humiliate the boss at the same time. Meanwhile, Eddie has started a feud with a Doberman in the condo above Frasier's, and Niles wants a gun for personal security.

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