The Show Where Lilith Comes Back
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date 3 February 1994
Written by Ken Levine & David Isaacs
Directed by James Burrows
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A Mid-Winter Night's Dream
The Show Where Lilith Comes Back is the sixteenth episode from the first season of American sitcom Frasier.

[edit] Cast and charactersEdit

[edit] Plot summaryEdit

Frasier is dealing with a caller, Hank, who seems to be have over-eating problems, and refers them to therapy. At that point, Roz announces there is another caller waiting who disagrees with his advice to Hank. When he tells the caller they are on air, an all-too-familiar voice remarks "Congratulations Frasier, you've done it again! You've led another innocent down one of your dark. dead end Freudian hallways!". From this pointed comment, Frasier quickly realises it is his ex-wife Lilith on the phone, and acknowledges this to his radio audience, commenting they have something of a celebrity on the line. When Lilith asks what he means by this, Frasier glibly replies "Oh they know you!".

Frasier desperately attempts to get Lilith off-air, but his attempts are continually thwarted by Roz, culminating in her suggestion of dinner when Lilith announces she has no plans that evening. Not wishing to appear vindictive to his ex-wife on air, Frasier reluctantly agrees (though not before trying to fire Roz for getting him into this). Back at his apartment, Frasier discovers none of the rest of his family are happy about the arrangement, since Daphne is suffering migraines which she is convinced are due to Lilith's presence, Martin finds her weird and Niles stills resents Lilith sniggering at Maris's vows during their wedding. Lilith arrives and immediately makes her presence felt, by terrifying Eddie, joking about Martin's relationship with Frasier nd sexuality, and to Niles' outrage, making continual, unsubtle digs at Maris's vows.

After Niles, Daphne and Martin have departed, Lilith reveals to Frasier the real reason she came to Seattle: she found a letter that Frasier left in her apartment when he was visiting their son Fredrick the previous month- a letter suggesting they reconcile and get back together. However, Frasier explains that he did write the letter, but almost a year ago, not long after their divorce and before his move to Seattle. Realising she has travelled so far and embarrassed herself for nothing, Lilith quickly leaves.

At Cafe Nervosa the next day, Frasier shows the letter to Niles and confesses that deep down, he still has feelings for Lilith. Realising he wishes to see if there is any possibility of something more, Frasier makes arrangements with Lilith for dinner that evening. However, when Frasier arrives at her hotel to meet her, he discovers Lilith is wearing her hair down; a sight that always gets his passions going. Tempted by Lilith's advances, Frasier kisses his ex-wife passionately; one thing leads to another and before long, the pair are in bed together.

The next morning however, Frasier wakes up with Lilith and instantly regrets what happened, but doesn't dare voice his unease to Lilith. However, when the room service arrives, Lilith comments "This is a mistake". Assuming she's referring to the previous night, Frasier agrees, stating that while last night was "very enjoyable", he also points out that they have both gotten on with their lives; he, for the first time in years, is happy, and for them "to even consider getting back together" would be "just the stupidest thing two people could do!" An astounded Lilith can only reply "I meant the eggs. I ordered poached, not fried."

Frasier desperately tries to back-pedal, but Lilith angrily forces him to confess that those are his true feelings. Lilith begins to cry, but when Frasier apologises for hurting her, she responds:

"I'm not mad at you; I'm mad at me. I don't even know what I'm doing here! I've just been so lonely over the last year, and when I found your letter, it was like a life preserver. I'm raising a child alone. I'm scared—I always thought of myself as a strong and independent person, but the truth is, I'm afraid".

Frasier reassures her that she is "the same strong-willed, dynamic, intelligent woman" whom he married 7 years ago, and that "no matter what the future holds in store for you, you'll handle it.". The pair sit down to breakfast and agree that their marriage wasn't all bad: they did have some good moments, especially Fredrick. In the final moment of the episode, Frasier says, "Even though we're not in love anymore, you were always the most exciting lover I ever had. I think in your heart of hearts that you'd say the same about me." Lilith simply says, "They screwed up the toast, too, I ordered rye," and gives him a sly look.

[edit] Cultural & Historical ReferencesEdit

  • Lilith recommends one of Frasier's callers on his radio program to have Behavior Modification to treat his overeating.
  • Lilith mentions that she enrolled Fredrick in Chess Camp in the Berkshire Mountains. She then says that Fredrick is learning the "Alhausen-Grob Opening". It is not clear what she meant by that comment. Grob is a reference to famed Swiss chess master Henri Grob.[original research?] Alhausen, however, appears to be a made up name, as it is not the name of any opening or person or place of significance. Lilith may have been referencing Grob's Attack, which is a famous chess opening invented by Grob.
  • After reading Frasier's letter to Lilith, both she and Niles observe that Frasier plagiarized the "love will keep us together" from the Captain & Tennille song of the same name.

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