The Show Where Sam Shows Up
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date 21 February 1995
Written by Ken Levine & David Isaacs
Directed by James Burrows
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You Scratch My Book...
Daphne's Room
Frasier Crane's old friend from Cheers, Sam Malone, comes to Seattle because he claims the Seattle Mariners want to interview him for a job on their pitching staff. After meeting Niles and Martin and flirting with Daphne, Sam finally discusses the real nature of his visit to Seattle. Sam explains to Frasier that he got cold feet and did not want to get married to Sheila. What he does not know is that Frasier slept with Sheila three months before Sam's visit. Frasier discusses the situation with Sheila and they agree not to tell Sam. But, then Sam wants to take Frasier's advice and be completely honest with his fiancée. Sam tells Sheila that he had an affair with two women the night they got engaged. Sheila then confesses to Sam that she had an affair with Paul and, on a separate occasion, Cliff (Frasier's and Sam's acquaintances from Cheers), not Frasier. Sam is very upset and he doesn't want to get married to Sheila. The episode ends with Frasier and Sam driving in Frasier's BMW talking about their friendship and their pursuit of finding the right woman.

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